Volumes 9.1 & 9.2 (2004)

Jean Chrétien

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Steve Patten and Lois Harder (eds.)

The Chrétien Legacy
Reg Whitaker

Jean Chrétien's Quebec Legacy: Coasting Then Stickhandling Hard
Robert Young

The Urban Legacy of Jean Chrétien
Caroline Andrew

Chrétien and North America: Between Integration and Autonomy
Chrstinia Gabriel and Laura Macdonald

Jean Chrétien's Continental Legacy: From Commitment to Confusion
Stephen Clarkson and Erick Lachapelle

A Passive Internationalist: Jean Chrétien and Canadian Foreign Policy
Tom Keating

Prime Minister Jean Chrétien's Immigration Legacy: Continuity and Transformation
Yasmeen Abu-Laban

Renewing the Relationship With Aboriginal Peoples?
Michael Murphy

The Chrétien Legacy and Women: Changing Policy Priorities With Little Cause for Celebration
Alexandra Dobrowolsky

Le Petit Vision, Les Grands Decisions: Chrétien's Paradoxical Record in Social Policy
Michael J. Prince

The Chrétien Non-Legacy: The Federal Role in Health Care Ten Years On 1993-2003
Gerard W. Boychuk

The Chrétien Ethics Legacy
Ian Greene

The Devil's in the Detail: The Chrétien Legacy for the Third Sector
Kathy Brock

Could the Rebels Find a Cause? House of Commons Reform in the Chrétien Era
David Docherty

Jean Chrétien and a Decade of Party System Change
Steve Patten