Volume 22.3 (2017)

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The Constitution as Muse? Four Poets Respond (Tacitly) to the World-View of The British North America Act (1867)
George Elliott Clarke

The Story of Constitutions, Constitutionalism and Reconciliation: A Work of Prose? Poetry? Or Both?
Jean Leclair

The Judicial Recognition of Indigenous Legal Traditions
Connoly v. Woolrich at 150
Mark D. Walters

Unpacking "Reconciliation": Contested Meanings of a Constitutional Norm
Hannah Wyile

Should Paramountcy Protect Secured Creditor Rights?
Saskatchewan v. Lemare Lake Logging in Historical Context
Virginia Torrie

Uncertain Accommodation: Aboriginal Identity and Group Rights in the Supreme Court of Canada
Dimitrios Panagos
(Vancouver: UBC Press, 2016)
Nnaemeka Ezeani