Volume 26.1 & 27.1 (2022-2023)

The Review is a subscriber-based print journal. Articles are available through HeinOnline, EBSCO, & GALE. They will be available in open access on this website as of November 2023 – one year from date of publication.


  • The Charter at 40: An Overview
    Special Issue Editors: Yasmeen Abu-Laban & Catherine Kellogg
  • Charting Unknown Waters: Indigenous Rights and the Charter at Forty
    Jeremy Patzer & Kiera Ladner
  • On a Differentiated Reading of Rights: Systemic Francophobia Invites Itself to the Debate
    François Rocher & David Carpentier
  • Shame Face? The Justin Trudeau Blackface Scandal, Multicultural Performativity, Privilege, and Power
    Alexandra Dobrowolsky & Bethany Leal-Iyoupe
  • LGBTQ2 Rights and the Charter at 40: Recent Critiques of the Liberal Rights Model
    Miriam Smith
  • Notwithstanding History: The Rights-Protecting Purposes of Section 33 of the Charter
    Eric M Adams & Erin R J Bower
  • Beyond the Hate Speech Law Debate: A “Charter Values” Approach to Free Expression
    Emmett Macfarlane
  • What’s Public About Publicly-Funded Universities? The Law and Politics of Extending Charter Protections to Campus Expression
    Dax D’Orazio
  • Worlds Reversed: Canadian Charter Discourse, Right-Wing Charter-Claiming, and the Mnemonics of Rights, Forty Years On
    Matt James
  • Constitutional Eco-Literacy in Canada: Environmental Rights and Obligations in the Canadian Constitution
    Lynda M Collins
  • Rights and Federalism: Rethinking the Connections
    Johanne Poirier & Colleen Sheppard
  • Self-Governing Nation or “Jurisdictional Ghetto”? Section 25 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and Self-Governing First Nations in Canada
    Robert Hamilton