Constitutional Forum (32.4): Constitutional Crossroads Special Issue

Constitutional Forum, Issue 32.4 (2024)

Special Issue: Constitutional Crossroads, guest edited by Professors Hoi Kong & Margot Young




Hoi Kong & Margot Young, Editorial Introduction

Caitlin Salvino, R v Sharma's "Clarification" of the Section 15 Framework and its Creation of Unique Barriers for Disability-Based Equality Claims

Joanna Erdman, Abortion Rights Without Law: A Constitutional Reflection

Vrinda Narain, How Does it Feel to be a Problem? Inclusion and Exclusion and Quebec's Bill 21

Jie Cheng, The Legal Status of LGBTQ+ in China: A Law and Politics Perspective

Ran Hirschl, Comparative Constitutional Design: Northern Stagnation, Southern Innovation

Constitutional Forum constitutionnel: Volume 31.3 (2022)

Special Issue - The Charter at Forty


  1. Introduction: The Charter at Forty
    Nariya Khasanova, Elise Sammons & Dax D'Orazio
  2. Canada’s Bilingual Constitution: An Unfulfilled Obligation
    François Larocque & Linda Cardinal
  3. From Isolation to Inclusion: How the Charter Changed our Perceptions of Being and Belonging
    Satya Brata Das
  4. Isolation and Human Rights: Arendt and the Charter at Forty
    Catherine Kellogg
  5. Two Roads to Guantanamo: The Canadian and United States Supreme Courts’ Approaches to the Extraterritorial Application of Fundamental Rights
    Adam Thurschwell