SPECIAL ISSUE – The State of Canada’s Constitutional Democracy

This Special Issue of the Forum is a collection of articles presented at a Symposium held at the University of Toronto in February 2016 on “The State of Canada’s Constitutional Democracy”. The Symposium was organized by Cheryl Milne (Asper Centre for Constitutional Rights) and Professor Lorraine Weinrib (University of Toronto), and Patricia Paradis (Centre for Constitutional Studies, University of Alberta). Its purpose was to examine the extent to which current Canadian governance is complying with modern constitutional principles.

It is the organizers’ hope that the publication of these conference proceedings will broaden and deepen our understanding of the reform projects discussed at the “State of Canada’s Constitutional Democracy” Symposium that lie ahead.

Lorraine Weinrib and Patricia Paradis
Symposium Summary: The State of Canada’s Constitutional Democracy
Cheryl Milne, John Greiss, and Deborah Boswell
Renovating Canada’s Constitutional Architecture: An Examination of the Government’s Democratic Reform Initiatives
Josh Hunter
Judicial Review of Ministerial Advice to the Crown
Mark D Walters
The Committee Process: Platform for Participation or Political Theatre?
Cara Faith Zwibel
Accessing with Dinosaurs: Protecting Access to Government Information in the Cretaceous Period of Canadian Democracy
Vincent Kazmierski
Accessible Information and Constitutional Democracy: Who Counts?
Jennifer Raso
Legislative Vehicles and Formalized Charter Review
Charlie Feldman
A Project to Reduce Canadians’ Constitutional Illiteracy
Peter H Russell
A Recent History of Government Responses to Constitutional Litigation
Carissima Mathen
Political Accountability in Appointments to the Supreme Court of Canada
John D Whyte