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May 11, 2022: The Federal Implications of Modern Environmental Regulation in Canada
Professor Dwight Newman, QC, University of Saskatchewan; Associate Professor Kristen van de Biezenbos, University of Calgary; Gareth Morley, Legal Counsel

October 8, 2021: Making Sense of Alberta's Equalization Referendum
Professor Eric M. Adams, University of Alberta; Professor Lisa Young, University of Calgary; Professor Trevor Tombe, University of Calgary

September 17, 2021: Vaccine Mandates, Passports, and the Constitution
Professor Carissima Mathen, Faculty of Law, University of Ottawa

April 29, 2021: Pandemic, Populism and Democracy
Jeremy Webber, Oonagh Fitzgerald, and Pablo Ouziel

March 09, 2021: Civil Liberty and Fundamental Rights: A Juridical Perspective
Professor Quentin Skinner, Barber Beaumont Professor of the Humanities, Queen Mary University of London

May 20, 2020: COVID:19 – Emergency Powers and Legal Principle
Professor David Dyzenhaus, University of Toronto and Professor Paul Daly, University of Ottawa

October 31, 2019: Constitutional Amendments: Making, Breaking, and Changing Constitutions
Professor Richard Albert, University of Texas

October 24, 2019: Courts Without Cases: The Law and Politics of Advisory Opinions
Professor Carissima Mathen, University of Ottawa

September 18, 2019: The Administered Constitution: Administrative Tribunals’/Agencies’ Critical Constitutional Role
Professor Sophia Lee, University of Pennsylvania

Feb 27, 2019: United States v Khadr: Does the Constitution Follow the Flag?
Sam Morison

Nov 15, 2018: Duty to Consult: Origins, Evolution and Proposed Rules of Engagement
Sara Mainville and Kirk Lambrecht

Oct 9, 2018: The Uluru Statement from the Heart
Professor Gabrielle Appleby, University of New South Wales

Sept 13, 2018: Dissecting TWU
Professors Leonid Sirota, Jennifer Raso, and Howard Kislowicz

April 17, 2018: 30 Years after R v. Morgentaler
Hon. Sarah Hoffman, Deputy Premier and Minister of Health, GoA; Danielle Paradis, LEAF – Moderator; Panel Members: Deb Miller, Ellen Ticoll, Marie Gordon, Deb McElrath and Patricia Paradis

April 4, 2018: Pipelines, Provinces and the Constitution
Professor Eric Adams, Professor Andrew Leach, Professor Jocelyn Stacey, Meaghan Conroy with Hon. Anne McLellan as Panel Chair

Feb 8, 2018: Separate Schools, Public Schools, and the Constitution
David King, former Minister of Education and Executive Director of Public School Boards Association of Alberta; and JK Donlevy, Professor, University of Calgary

Jan 31, 2018: First Nations’ Freedom of Religion; and Remedies for Unconstitutional Action
Peter Hogg, Constitutional Scholar, Professor Emeritus

Jan 23, 2018: Free Expression on Campus
James Turk, Director, Centre for Free Expression

Nov 7, 2017: Canada 150? Canada 169? Canada 68? Or Canada 14,000?
James Muir, Associate Professor, Faculty of Law and Department of History & Classics, University of Alberta

Oct 13, 2017: Vivre Ensemble: A Dialogue on Federalism
Jean-Marc Fournier, Quebec House Leader, Minister for Canadian relations and Canadian Francophonie

April 22, 2017: Law Day (Table & Constitutional Appeal)
Table: CCS Staff; Moot: Shaina Leonard, Public Prosecution Service of Canada; Morgan McClelland; Hatch McClelland Moore

Jan 11, 2017: Freedom of the Press – Its Scope and Limits
Dr James Kent Donlevy – Associate Professor, University of Calgary School of Education
Media lawyer – Matthew Woodley, Reynolds Mirth Richards & Farmer

Nov 30, 2016: Gay-Straight Alliances and Religious Schools – A Clash of Rights and Freedoms
Dr Kristopher Wells, Assistant Professor and Director, Institute for Sexual Minority Studies and Services

April 16, 2016: Law Day 2016 – Constitutional Appeal
Criminal defence lawyer Stephen Straub (Beresh Aloneissi) and Prosecutor Shaina Leonard, Public Prosecution Service of Canada

Mar. 16, 2016: Controlling Physician Assisted Death: Controversial Considerations for a Made-In-Canada Approach
Rev. Brian Keily; Dr. Will Johnston; Professor Ubaka Ogbogu, Faculty of Law, University of Alberta

Feb. 2, 2016: Why Restrain Alienation of Indigenous Lands?
Dr. Malcolm Lavoie, Visiting Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Alberta

Nov. 26, 2015: Magna Carta and Its Gifts to Canada
Dr. Carolyn Harris, University of Toronto

Nov. 25, 2015: Reconciliation and Justice Panel with Albie Sachs
Albie Sachs; Justice Sheila Greckol; Dr. Cindy Blackstock; Lisa Weber

Oct. 23, 2015: False Security: The Radicalization of Canadian Anti-Terrorism
Dr. Kent Roach, University of Toronto

Oct. 15, 2015: Election Panel 2015: Governing With No Clear Winner?
Dr. Steve Patten; Dr. Linda Trimble, Dr. Eric Adams (University of Alberta), with Paula Simons moderating (Edmonton Journal)

Sept. 16, 2015: The Right to a Healthy Environment
Dr. David Boyd, Simon Fraser University

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