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Individual Articles

“Our Time has Come”: Reconciliation in the Wake of Manitoba Metis Federation Inc. v. Canada (Attorney General)
Janique Dubois and Kelly Saunders

Section 16 of the Constitution Act, 1867: The Queen, the Capital, and Canadian Constitutionalism
Michael Da Silva and Andrew Flavelle Martin

Des Causes et des Conséquences du Dialogue Constitutionnel
Jean-Christophe Bédard-Rubin

Seven Conceptions of Federalism Guiding Canada’s Constitutional Change Process — How Do They Work, and Why So Many?
Dave Guénette

Review Essay
Proportionality’s Reductio ad Monitum:
Review Essay on Paul Yowell’s Constitutional Rights and Constitutional Design
G.T. Sigalet

Book Review
Yaniv Roznai, Unconstitutional Constitutional Amendments: The Limits of Amendment Powers (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2017)
Neliana Rodean