Legacies of Patriation Conference Recordings

April 21, 2022
Conference Welcome and Opening Remarks from Her Excellency, the Right Honourable Mary May Simon, Governor General of Canada
Section 35: Constitutionalism and Legislative Reconciliation

Speaker: Naiomi Metallic (Dalhousie University) 

Moderator: Hadley Friedland

Impacts of Meech Lake and Charlottetown

Speakers: Jamie Cameron (Osgoode Hall Law School) and Justice Patrick Monahan (Ontario Superior Court of Justice) 

Moderator: Richard Albert

Quebec’s Place in the Constitutional Order

Speakers: Daniel Turp (U of Montreal) | Radha Persaud (York U) | Antoine Brousseau (Université du Quebec a Montreal) 

Moderator: Alain G Gagnon

Unity and Diversity

Speakers:  Mary Liston (UBC) | Colleen Sheppard (McGill) | Dwight Newman (U Sask) 

Moderator: Vanessa MacDonnell

Patriation and Sovereignty

Speaker: Peter Russell (U of Toronto)

Moderator: Catherine Kellogg

Section 55 & Section 36


Speakers: Darius Bossé (Power Law), Francois Larocque (U of Ottawa) | Karine Millaire 

Moderator: Valerie Lapointe Gagnon

Patriation and the People


Speakers: Penny Bryden (UVic) | Alain G. Gagnon (UQAM) and Andrew Parkin (Environics Institute) 

Moderator: Johanne Poirier

Patriation in Comparative Perspective


Speaker:  Cheryl Saunders (University of Melbourne) 

Moderator: Hoi Kong

A Trickster’s Perspective on Canada’s Federal Constitution

Speaker: Jean Leclair (U de Montreal) 

Moderator: Eric Adams

Patriation and the Role of the Courts

Speakers: Justice Colin Feasby (Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench) | Erin Crandall (Acadia U) | Mark Harding (U of Guelph) | JC Bedard-Rubin (U of Toronto) 

Moderator: Madame Justice Georgina Jackson

Fundamental Rights

Speakers: Leonid Sirota (University of Reading) | Stephanie Chouinard (Queen’s) and Danielle McNabb (Queen’s) | Kristopher Kinsinger (McGill) 

Moderator: Carissima Mathen

Indigenous Rights, Jurisdiction, and Sovereignty at 40

Speakers: Josh Nichols (McGill) | Genevieve Painter (Université Concordia) | Emma Feltes & Jocelyn Stacey (UBC) 

Moderator: Madame Justice Michelle O’Bonsawin

Constitutional Amendment

Speakers: Emmett MacFarlane (Waterloo) | Dave Guénette (McGill) | Catherine Mathieu (UQAM) | Richard Mailey (U of A) 

Moderator: Vanessa MacDonnell

Constitution Making as State Craft: John Whyte (U Regina)

Interviewer: Richard Mailey

Patriation’s Impact on the Power of the State

Justice David Paciocco (Ontario Court of Appeal) in conversation with Professor Carissima Mathen 

Moderator: Steve Penney

Culture, Conflict, Change and the Future

Speakers: Eric Adams (U Alberta), Richard Albert (Texas U at Austin), Alain G. Gagnon (UQAM), Valerie Lapointe- Gagnon (U Alberta), Carissima Mathen, (U Ottawa), Patricia Paradis (U Alberta)

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