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Section 16 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms sets out that English and French are the official languages of Canada and New Brunswick, having “equality of status” within the respective government institutions. But why does the Charter include official languages? What does “equality of status” mean? What does section 16 do? In this presentation, Professor François Larocque (University of Ottawa) will explore section 16’s background and future.

Speaker: François Larocque, Professor, University of Ottawa

François Larocque studied philosophy before graduating from the common law French program in 2000. He clerked both at the Court of Appeal for Ontario (2000-2001) and at the Supreme Court of Canada (2001-2002), working successively for the Honourable Justices Charron, Borins, Goudge, Labrosse and Arbour.

A Commonwealth Scholar, SSHRC Doctoral Fellow,  a Fondation Baxter & Alma Ricard scholar, and Honorary Prince of Wales Scholar, Larocque began his doctoral research in 2002 at the University of Cambridge (Trinity College) under the joint supervision of professors James Crawford and Philip Allott. His thesis examined the jurisdiction of national courts in civil proceedings for serious violations of international law.

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