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Volume 24.1 (2015)
Volume 24.1 - Long-Gun Registry, Anti-Terror Laws, the Senate, and Defining a Quebec Judge This issue of the Forum includes articles on: why, from a constitutional stand point, Quebec should be allowed to keep the data from its long gun registry; a
Volume 23.4 (2014)
Does Quebec have the constitutional right to keep its long gun registry given Parliament's decision to abolish it? Three professors from Quebec - Cyr, Gaudreault-Desbiens and Daly - argue that it does and make a strong case for interpretation of Canada's Constitution based on cooperative federalism.
Volume 23.3 (2014)
Did the Reference re Supreme Court Act Expand Canada's Constitution?; The Constitutionality of Bill C-520; L'activisme judiciare, le prix de la transaction démocratique en Espagne; Participatory Democracy in Greece.
Volume 23.2 (2014)
Searches of Digital Devices Incident to Arrest; Alberta's Métis Settlements and the Co-Management Agreement; Administrative Law, Judicial Deference, and the Charter; Constitutional Law and the Alberta Energy Regulator This special issue of the Constitutional Forum features four papers presented at the Centre for Constitutional Studies' annual Constitutional Symposium held in October 2013.
Volume 23.1 (2014)
 Against TWU's Law School; Religious Accommodation; Crown Succession Act; Reforming the Upper House; Positive & Negative Rights
Volume 22.3 (2013)
A Christian Law School for Canada?; Justice Nadon's appointment - interpreting the Supreme Court Act; and a more realistic test for challenged election results
Volume 22.2 (2013)
In this issue: Whose Senate is it anyway?; 'Old Habits Die Hard' - Reflections on the Scope of the Royal Prerogative Following Turp v Canada (Minister of Justice); Public Interest Standing, Access to Justice, and Democracy under the Charter: Canada (AG) v Downtown Eastside Sex Workers United Against Violence.
Volume 22.1 (2013)
This is a special issue featuring eight of the twelve papers submitted from the 2012 Constitutional Symposium. At the Symposium legal academics and practitioners provided stimulating and thought provoking updates on recent jurisprudence in the constitutional area, focusing on Charter sections 2, 7 and 15, the division of powers, aboriginal rights and the Charter, and criminal law.
Volume 21.2 (2012)
In this issue: Legislators and Religious-Based Reasoning; The Bilateral Amending Formula as a Mechanism for the Entrenchment of Property Rights; Advice to the Minister of Democratic Reform.
Volume 21.1 (2012)
In this issue: Reflections on the Kitchen Accord; Quelques opportunités et défis conceptuels, fonctionnels et politiques du fédéralisme; Judges and Religious Based Reasoning: A Response to Ginn and Blaikie
Volume 20.2 (2011)
In this issue: Case Comment: Canada (Attorney General) v PHS Community Services Society
Volume 20.1 (2011)
In this issue: Canada's re-emerging Division of Powers and the Unrealized Force of Reciprocal Interjurisdictional Immunity; Fédéralisme Canadien et Lutte Contre Les Changements Climatiques; Canadian Federalism in the Context of Combating Climate Change; The Manual of Official Procedure of the Government of Canada: An Exposé
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