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Volume 15.1 (2006)
In this issue: Keeping Religious Fundamentalism Under Wraps: The Clothing Controversy in Selected European Countries; Understanding Law and Religion as Culture:; Making Room for Meaning in the Public Sphere; The Christian Right, The Federal Courts, and The Constitution in the United States; Religious Discourse in the Public Square
Volumes 13.3 & 14.1 (2005)
Special Double Issue- Writings in Honour of Claude Ryan/ Ecrits en L’Honneur de Claude Ryan
Volumes 14.3 (2005)
In this issue: Section 33 and the Relationship Between Legislatures and Courts; Constitutional Dialogues Between Courts and Legislatures: Can We Talk?; Respecting Democratic Roles; Same-Sex Marriage and the Same Old Constitution
Volumes 14.2 (2005)
In this issue: Constitutional Limbo in Trinidad and Tobago (The Uncertainty, not the Dance); Reluctant Warrior, Enthusiastic Peacekeeper: Domestic Legal Regulation of Canadian Participation in Armed Conflicts; Waging War: Japan's Constitutional Restraints; War and Peace - An Israeli Perspective
Volumes 13.2 (2003)
In this issue: Meaning From Chaos: Reflections on September 11, 2002 – Two Years After; The Dunmore Departure: Section 1 and Vulnerable Groups; The Israeli Constitution and the Fight Against Terrorism; The Affair of the Chairs; Federal House Committee Reform: Mindless Adversarialism Well Done
Volumes 13.1 (2003)
In this issue: Canadian Multiculturalism in Historical and Comparative Perspective: Is Canada Unique?; The Perspectives of Aboriginal Peoples of Canada on the Monarchy: Reflections on the Occasion of the Queen’s Golden Jubilee; Governing the Canadian State: The Constitution in an Era of Globalization, Neo-Liberalism, Populism, Decentralization and Judicial Activism
Volume 12.3 (2003)
In this issue: Scientific Experiments on Animals and Constitutional Principle; Beyond the Flight From Constitutional Legalism: Rethinking the Politics of Social Policy Post-Charlottetown; The Hard Case of Defining “The Métis People” and Their Rights: A Comment on R. v. Powley; Black v. Chrétien and the Control of the Royal Prerogative
Volume 12.2 (2002)
In this issue: Understanding Grootboom – A Response to Cass R. Sunstein; Strenghtening the Economic Union: The Charter and the Agreement on Internal Trade; Rights, Recognition, and Rectification: Constitutional Remedies in Johnson v. Sand
Volume 12.1 (2001/2002)
In this issue: The Charter Revolution: Is It Undemocratic?;  Inverting Image and Reality: R. v. Sharpe and the Moral Panic Around Child Pornography;  R. v. Sharpe and the Defence of Artistic Merit
Volume 11.4 (2000/2001)
NEW DEVELOPMENTS IN WORLD CONSTITUTIONALISM Rights Brought Home: The United Kingdom Adopts a "Charter of Rights"; Tempted by Rights: The European Union and its new Charter of Fundamental Rights; Social and Economic Rights? Lessons from South Africa
Volume 11.3 (2000)
PERSPECTIVES ON LAW V. CANADA Unbalanced Balancing: Bill C-46, "Likely Relevance," and Stage-One Balancing; Waldman v. Canada: Religious Discrimination in the Constitution; Formatting Equality; A Flawed Synthesis of the Law
Volume 11.2 (2000)
In this issue: Begging And Freedom Of Expression; R. V. Sharpe And Private Possession Of Child Pornography; The Preamble, Judicial Independence And Judicial Integrity
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