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Articles | Spencer Millis, Student Researcher | June 29, 2020
Positive that the Government is obligated to support you? Think again

Category: Legal Rights (Sections 7-14)

While financial struggles are not unique to times of emergency, the COVID-19 pandemic has thrown many Canadians into dire straits, such as losing their jobs, being unable to support their […]

Blog | Kristopher Kinsinger and Brian Bird* | June 29, 2020
The Freedoms We Cannot Afford to Ignore During COVID-19

Category: Pandemic

One of Canada’s forgotten constitutional freedoms has quickly become one of the most restricted in the era of COVID-19. In the nearly four decades since the Charter of Rights and […]

Articles | Case Littlewood, Student Researcher | June 26, 2020
Are Protests Illegal in Alberta? Charter Issues with Bill 1

Category: Fundamental Freedoms (Section 2), Equality Rights (Section 15)

In February 2020, amidst protests across the country interfering with railways and pipeline construction, the Government of Alberta introduced the Critical Infrastructure Defence Act. More commonly known as Bill 1, […]

Articles | Case Littlewood, Student Researcher | June 23, 2020
To be Tried Within a Reasonable Time: Affirming the Jordan Ceilings

Category: Legal Rights (Sections 7-14)

In October 2014, police charged a B.C. man with sexual assault against his daughter.[1] Two years later a B.C. judge issued a stay of proceedings, dismissing the case against the […]

Articles | Case Littlewood, Student Researcher | June 17, 2020
Alberta and its Physicians Clash Over a Right to Something Besides Striking

Category: The Charter, Fundamental Freedoms (Section 2)

On 9 April 2020, the Alberta Medical Association (AMA) filed a lawsuit against the Government of Alberta alleging the Government violated the rights of the AMA and its members by […]

Blog | May 26, 2020
Additional Resources

Category: Pandemic

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